Case Study 2

The Challenge

The company had located a 35m diameter rotary hearth furnace located on a Steel Plant in the USA. The furnace was installed approximately 20m above the datum and needed to be removed from the building to be relocated to another site.

The original owner of the building was not prepared to accept any modification or change to the building leaving the only option to remove the furnace through a door that was approximately 6m wide by 8m tall

The Solution

The original drawings for the furnace were examined and a detailed plan developed to divide it into 24 segments, each segment of the furnace then contained numerous sub-assemblies. To further complicate matters these sub-assemblies would not be re-assembled in exactly the same location when the furnace was moved to its new location in South Korea and many would be modified in transit. A detailed dismantling plan was developed with every component being match-marked meticulously. In all this amounted to over 1200 sub- assemblies and parts. The dismantling process took approximately four months and all parts were successfully removed and lowered to ground level before being take to an intermediary fabrication shop for inspection, repair or modification before being painted and packed for shipment. At every staking identification of all components was critical to the success of the relocation project.

The Result

The assemblies were successfully delivered to South Korea in a carefully sequenced shipping process involving both project cargo and containerised shipments, the parts were marshalled on site and loads opened in sequence to minimise confusion on site and maximise the efficiency of the limited space available. The project programme was monitored daily and close supervision was applied to the installation procedures by doing so early completion was achieved and the Rotary Hearth was successfully re-assembled and recommissioned.

Rotary Hearth Installation – Completion of Building